Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Miami: Registration deadline updated to September 19

The AJP has decided to extend the registration period for the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour Miami. Athletes now have until September19 to sign up to compete in the 2020/2021 ADGS season opener. The event is scheduled September 27, at the Miami Airport Convention Center. Purple belts, brown belts and black belts in the adult and masters divisions can register. Click here to sign up now.

The ADGS Miami will feature some of the biggest names in the sport today. Jiu-Jitsu stars are treating the event in Florida as their first opportunity to compete at the highest level since March, when the Covid19 pandemic closed down competitions all over the world.

A quick look on the registration list finds important names such as:

Adult Male Black Belt

55kg – Jonas Andrade, Kalel Santos, Lucas Pinheiro

62kg – Hiago George, Bebeto Oliveira, Diego Batista

69kg – Thiago Macedo, Kim Terra, Kennedy Maciel

77kg – Marcio Andre, Michael Liera Jr, Jonatha Alves

85kg – Ronaldo Junior, Nisar Loynab, Guthierry Barbosa

94kg – Nathan Mendelsohn, Aaron Johnson

120kg – Max Gimenes, Devhonte Johnson

Adult Female Brown/Black Belt

49kg – Jessa Khan, Sarah Takushi

55kg – Eliana Karauni, Thamires Aquino

62kg – Alexa Yanes, Elizabeth Exell, Woods Heather

70kg – Maria Malyjasiak, Nicholle Stoller, Emilli Silva

95kg – Gabrieli Pessanha, Kylie Villicano, Talita Rezende

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