ADGS Miami: Will Safford previews the black belt division; New Rules course coming up Sept. 19

As the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Miami nears, the adult black belt division fills up with big names ready to compete and take the gold medal home. The sport's elite will be in Florida on September 27 as the 2020/2021 ADGS season kicks off at the Miami Airport Convention Center. The final registration deadline is September 19. Click here to register.

AJP Tour Podcast Presenter Will Safford dove into the registration list and came back with a full preview of each weight class. Watch this exclusive video and find out who's in and what battles are coming your way.

AJP Invites to new Online Rules Course

The AJP is offering another round of the Online Jiu-Jitsu Rules Course – Level 1 for both athletes and practitioners. The Jiu-Jitsu Rules Course will be taught in English. The AJP has gathered a world class team of instructors, including Master Julio Cesar Pereira, Oliver Geddes, Alvaro Bobadilla, Gabriel Rainho, Mauricio Gomes and Regis Tadeu.

The three main goals of the course are:

  1. Provide a comprehensive understanding of the AJP rules of Jiu-Jitsu for all practitioners.

  2. Prepare the potential Referee to a standard that they are able to begin refereeing lower belts in competition under supervision.

  3. Train the AJP Referees and to provide them with updated knowledge for a better performance in competitions.

The course is now a one-day event, scheduled September 19, from 4pm to 8pm (Abu Dhabi Time). The investment is $40. Participants need to be 16 or older and hold at least a blue belt ranking. The registration deadline is September 18. Participants will receive a Certificate at the end of the course. To attend the course, participants will have to download the Zoom App. Click here to register now.  

Awards Hall celebrates the heroes that made history in the AJP Tour

The AJP has launched an all-time awards hall to celebrate the legacy of the heroes who made history in the tour since 2009. In a collective effort to recover the memory of the tournaments held all over the world in the past decade, the AJP has listed all champions and award winners.

The AJP Awards Hall lists the gold medalists of all Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championships (ADWPJJC) since 2009 as well as the champions in all Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tour events since the debut season of 2015/2016. The Hall also lists the winners of Best of the Season Awards since the 2016/2017 season.

The AJP has chosen to celebrate the athletes that have achieved especially outstanding results.

The Golden Slam Champions are those who won all ADGS events in one same season and also the ADWPJJC gold medal in the same season.

The Super Slam Champions are those who won all ADGS events in one same season.

Click here to travel back in the history of the AJP champions.  

AJP Launches Health and Safety Guide for 2020/2021 season events

The AJP is working tirelessly to guarantee the safest environment possible for athletes, officials, referees and all of those involved in its events when the 2020/2021 season starts. That's why the AJP has put together a comprehensive guide that sets rules and regulations for each event to happen in the safest way possible.

According to the AJP Events Safety Procedure Guidelines, all of those involved in the events will be asked to wear personal protective equipment like masks and gloves and also practice social distancing before and after matches.

Click here to access the complete guide.

AJP Tour National and International Events ready to go

The 2020/2021 season is coming in hot. Events are popping up all over the world as Jiu-Jitsu returns. The following months will feature a series of stops on the tour scheduled for Europe, South America and Asia.

AJP Tour International Pro Almere – September 19, 2020

AJP Tour International Pro Lviv – October 10, 2020 AJP Tour International Pro Prague – October 10, 2020

AJP Tour International Pro Brasilia – October 18, 2020

AJP Tour International Pro Fortaleza – November 8, 2020

Click here for more info and to register. 

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